Jennifer Quest 

Licensed Massage Therapist and Body Worker

Jennifer has been a practicing, licensed, massage therapist/ bodyworker since 1997. She offers a broad range of skills and services including: relaxation massage, therapeutic bodywork, myofascial release, ashiatsu, aromatherapy, and salt stone massage .

It is Jennifer's mission to help others heal through all the multidimensional layers of their being. She understands that all beings have a right to their own personal spiritual beliefs and customs. This understanding requires respect be shown for those beliefs, and for the ways and rates at which we all heal as individuals. Because of this outlook, Jennifer approaches her work with great loving support and kindness. 


"When I call Jenny a miracle worker, I can't stress the 'miracle' part enough.  I was able to regain full range of motion in my neck!  I walked away feeling lighter and taller.  What an experience."  -Joseph O'Shea

"I thought I tore my rotator cuff, I was in awful pain for 3 days,but Jen knew otherwise. Myofascial release relieved my pain and restored my range of motion, it was like a miracle!"  - Keith Fuller

"Jen is an amazing therapist. Very grateful to receive her services. Bless her hands, heart and soul!" 

-Barb Schuett 

"I have personally benefited from the massage sessions Jennifer has provided me, she is very good at it, the place is nice and comfortable... If I could I would go see her more often ... I highly recommend her, she is great."  - Ivan Bautista

"What a amazing way to relax after all the stress from the holidays. Thanks Jennifer for the wonderful experience"  -Jesse M Dretske